The new Vivo Phone has received a lot of criticism since its launch – mostly from bloggers and techies. Some people have said that the device is a flagship competitor of the Google smartphone brand, which could mean that this device is not all that great. However, there are some good things that I’d like to discuss about the Vivo Phone before deciding whether or not to buy it.

The biggest advantage that I came across vivo v15 with the Vogue V15 when compared to other smartphone cameras is the fact that it offers users with a high quality Selfie mode. So, is it good? In a word… yes.

The way the Vogue 15.5 works differs from that of the Nokia 8.1 for a couple of reasons. While the former uses the OPE (Onepia Optima) chip to capture images, the latter uses the Motion Eye technology from Nokia to enable the shutter and the flash to work without moving the camera. The difference between these two technologies can be clearly seen in the photo samples on the Nokia 8.1’s website. The Vogue 15.5 uses the OPE chip to record images whereas the Nokia 8.1 features the Motion Eye. It’s pretty easy to tell which camera will be used for more professional photography and which one will work for more casual use such as the Selfie experience.

Another major difference between the two smartphones is that the Nokia 8.1 can take portrait mode photos in both normal and light modes while the Vogue 15.5 only works in normal mode with no lighting option. When it comes to shooting in the portrait mode, the OPE equipped Vogue 15.5 beats the Nokia with six stops of additional light which greatly improves the subject appearance. In addition, it also has four more frames than the Nokia’s eight. However, the lack of an optical zoom in the Nokia makes it harder to focus the image in portrait mode but the vivo v15.5 has no problem taking fantastic shots in this mode.

While the two devices have different sensors for low light performance, they feature the same low light management software and both models use the same type of battery life. The fact that the vivo v15 has four times more pixels to photograph in low light compared to the Nokia’s eight means that you get less blurry images. The extra four stops of light also help squeeze more light out of each image for better picture quality.

If you’re looking for the ultimate smartphone for taking high quality images then the Nokia 8.1 would be your ideal choice. However, if you’re a professional you will probably want something a little more cutting edge. For those looking for the perfect device in order to take professional looking selfies the vivo v15 could be your best bet. It has four times more pixels for greater detail and the camera is just as easy to use. It also has faster shutter speeds which will make it easier to compose fast and impressive selfies.

Camera Comparison – vivo V15