Islam conjures up its fans to attain intellectual greatness, and I have witnessed this in action with my Muslim buddies’ realistic highbrow dreams. For instance, my Cheapskate Mate has taught his 8 month antique daughter to play Checkers, and has somehow convinced his nine 12 months antique that reading a ebook is a better deal with than looking TV.

This article shall therefore describe five methods wherein Islam inspires greatness in mankind.

1 – Islam Commands Followers to Seek Knowledge

Muhammad is quoted as saying:

“Seeking information is mandatory for every believer.” [Ibn Majah]

So this means that all Muslims are required to teach themselves HAMKA. Womens’ Rights supporters will be mainly pleased to notice that this command includes girls, and that Islam therefore gives men and women the identical rights and duty close to education.

2 – Followers are Inspired To Achieve Great Feats of Memory

In Islam, a Hafiz is a person who has memorised the whole of the Quran. This is actually a excellent feat of the thoughts, even greater brilliant than London taxi drivers’ mythological capability to memorise each avenue in London.

While the Quran does not appear to command all fans to memorise this, young Muslim men regularly challenge themselves to gain Hafiz popularity, because it helps them to stand out from the gang and attract ladies.

3 – Muslims Have A Great History of Scientific Development

While Europe became inside the darkish a while, Muslims scientists were making groundbreaking improvement. From my secondary college records training, I consider seeing pictures depicting historical Muslims acting eye and mind surgery.

Ironically, it became Muslims who first pioneered the distillation of pure alcohol as a compound inside the 8th century. Though quite whilst then banned it’s far subject to scholarly debate.

Four – Islam Even Has Wise Historical Females

Ayshah, virgin spouse of Muhammad, became a famend sensible girl. Pilgrims travelled for plenty miles to listen her clever words, and she or he even narrated 2210 hadiths. She become given the identify “Horizon of the Ladies of Islam” and nonetheless continues to encourage Muslim women to higher themselves nowadays.

Five – Muslims Created Algebra

It become the Islamic Law of Inheritance that supplied the preliminary motivation for the development of algebra. Algebra is an essential tool for present day residing, important for day by day personal accounting as well as medical studies and pc applications.


I actually have shown that Muslim evokes its followers to train themselves via direct instructions thought from its amazing historical figures.

In my private existence, I too have been inspired by way of many Muslims. For example, it turned into a Muslim who taught me who to first conduct profitable arbitrage trades. A Muslim taught me the benefits of little white lies in the paintings area. And a Muslim help me broaden the database queries used in at the Article Monkey analysis tool.

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