First things first, what really is a foreclosure? According to the dictionary, a foreclosure is “the legal proceedings initiated by a creditor to repossess the collateral for loan that is in default”. As far as your home is concerned therefore, foreclosure is the legal proceedings initiated by your mortgage or lending company to repossess your home for the loan that is in default. They repossess your home and usually sell it off in an auction, just to recover their money that is in default.

So, what mostly concerns a lending ソフト闇金 生活保護 or mortgage company is to get their money back; the money that they put into the building of your “dream” home. If you can come up with any other way to get money to repay the outstanding money owed and for paying the future monthly repayments, they can stop the foreclosure process. They are not interested in “punishing” you as many people think. They just want their money back and are willing to do just about anything to get their money back.

You will even be surprised that many lending companies will work with you to come up with better plans of staying financially afloat, at least enough to be able to repay their mortgage. Many of the lending and mortgage companies also won’t mind if the loan ends up lasting much longer and the monthly interests on it is reduced. This is where the power of negotiation comes into play. If you can’t do the negotiation on your own, then consider getting a professional who will help you. This is usually the make or mar part of the process of stopping a foreclosure.

Most importantly, you should not see the lending company or their representatives as the “enemies”. They are not. They did you a favor when they gave you the loan; so why should you think they are the enemies now?! If you can remember correctly, they were very helpful when they gave you the loan in the first place. It also pays if you are also very helpful in repaying it, even though in little monthly repayments. What they want to see is the commitment and desire to repay what you owe!


Guide to Foreclosure and Why the Lending Companies Are Only Doing Their Jobs