What level of Anime knowledge do you have? Do you think yourself an anime expert or a complete newbie? Would you like to impress your buddies with your knowledge of anime? You’ve arrived to the right place. Below are some interesting facts about prominent anime shows and also facts on the Japanese animation industry. Please ensure you have your thinking cap on. Here are some fascinating Anime statistics that may surprise you. What’s the most surprising fact you learned? Vote for the Anime factor that most surprised you.

History of anime:

Anime is considered one of the most popular watching things, and Japan was the first country who introduce anime. In anime, you can see various characters performing their roles with the best quality of graphics and video. There are many anime series available on the websites like เว็บการ์ตูน which allow you to enjoy various shows. After the introduction of anime by Japan, they got so much popularity across the globe, and now from Japan to western countries and in Asian countries, anime is very popular, and almost people of every age like watching anime.

So, you can watch anime even with your buddies and family as anime is a very entertaining and best way to spend your free time.

Anime counts for 60 percent of all animation in the world.

The animation industry in Japan is vast, but how big is it? Anime movies and tv shows make for 60 percent of all animated film enjoyment globally, according to a study published by Japanese experts. In Japan, where there are over 130 vocal training institutes, anime voice acting is immensely famous among them.

Wide collection:

While we talk about anime, they have a wide collection; among them, you can select the best one for you. It doesn’t matter that whether you like comedy, romance, or action, you can watch any kind of series online by using a credible website to watch anime. The wide collection of anime contains so much fun for almost everyone, and that’s why a person of almost every age finds out something perfect to watch for himself/herself. Not just based on age, but you can also select the series according to gender preference. Very few people think that anime is just for kids; they are wrong. Anime has a wide collection of storylines that entertain people of all ages, and everyone can get benefit from it.

Available in black and white and colorful versions:

Anime is available in black and white colors, and people can also watch it in colorful versions. Many people don’t watch anime as they think that they can only watch it in the black and white version, but they are wrong. It was true in the initial stages of anime, while today, there are many anime series that people can watch in colorful versions with excellent graphics.

Also, you can get English subtitles if you are watching the original Japanese version of any anime series, and these English subtitles will help you in understanding things.

Things to know about Anime