Blog, blog, blog, everyone wants to blog. What exactly is a blog? For the most part, a blog is just someone telling a story about someone or something or some place or some activity or some event. That is basically what a blog is. Most blogs have a way that the reader can communicate with the writer of the blog, but sometimes that option is simply not available. What makes blogs interesting is that writers can use their own slang language, whether that is pig-Latin or some other form of language that the writer invents. Even better than that, the writer of a blog can write in a foreign language no matter where he is situated at the time. The basic idea is that the writer goes to the site, provides an email address and then writes his own little stories of life and whatever is in between life and death. Yes, some write about death also. Bloggers will and do write about anything on earth.

Many times bloggers use their space to buy wagyu beef online complain and gripe about the world and its’ processes. People will write blogs and complain about the weather, about work, about school, about storms, tragedies, about kitchen equipment. Whatever is around in life bloggers find the way and the means to complain about it in a blog. And, watch out if someone has a beef with you, you just might see the beef online on the net. You will read blogs about people’s bosses and people’s families and anything at all remotely connected to the writers. And on the other hand, you might see some educational blogs, where some would like to teach others academic lessons. That is the wonderful part of the net that you can see and hear just about anything and everything. (You can hear some blogs if they add videos or audio pieces). Now, just because writers are able to write about almost anything that does not mean that you have to read about everything. After all, not everyone is interested in every subject on earth. And think about it, not everyone is interested in Jack’s boss or Joan’s uncle. Some write about their personal relationships and others write about their operations. If you see it in the world, you most likely will see it in the area of blogs.

So, what makes the difference between an ordinary blog that anyone (with an email account) can write and an online magazine or literature or academic website? There are many differences, but the largest, most obvious difference between blogs and magazines is the fact that bloggers generally can and will use any language and any type of language (even if such a language is non-existent) that they want to use. Really, no joke, a blogger can make a language up and write in that language. I am not saying that anyone might even read such a blog, but I am stating the possibilities. And it is quite possible that a blogger can make up a language and write in his made-up language. And, that is entirely acceptable by the company that set up the blogger’s account. Basically there is no approval process in the blog area of writing. If a blogger wants to write FLUFF, then a blogger writes FLUFF. If a blogger wants to write lies, then a blogger writes lies. There is no approval and no denial process when you are writing or publishing a blog.

Blogs and Online Magazines are Very Different:

Bloggers can write any words they want to write, whether they are true, misspelled false, or whether they are even words or not.

Many times, more than not, usually the blogger is trying to impress someone by writing in a blog.

Blog writings are published almost instantly or as fast as your computer can digest it.

Online magazines are more organized in the fact that, usually, there are chapters, and sections and many detailed divisions that writers can

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